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Pit+Paddock’s Creator Contest Returns for Cars+Coffee Season Opener to Reward Local Talent
BY Garret Transue //
April 4, 2024
Photography: Pit+Paddock
  • The Creator Contest was born to promote and reward local creatives for their talent at select Pit+Paddock events and venues.
  • In contrast to many social media contests, like and follower counts take a backseat in Creator Contest judging, which lets creativity and originality take the wheel.
  • The Creator Contest sequel returns to Turn 14 Distributions headquarters for Pit+Paddocks Cars+Coffee Season Opener and welcomes all disciplines of creativity.
  • Entrants have the chance to win a years subscription to the Adobe program of their choice with just a few clicks, no strings attached.

Last years season closer at Turn 14 Distribution’s headquarters marked the debut of our efforts to utilize our unique position within the industry to help creators circumvent the unforgiving social media algorithm. As creatives ourselves, we understand the all-too-familiar constraint and artistic sacrifice to please lengthy lines of computer code. The opportunity also allowed us to crucially reward creators, and do so based on factors outside their ability to capture the fleeting attention spans of their audience in the first two seconds of each post.


The idea is simple; take the support we garner from the top brands in the aftermarket industry, and pass a little of it along to those who help make our events so successful in the first place: the thankless photographers and videographers who take the time to capture, edit, post, and share the content that helps expose us to hundreds of new attendees year after year.


The first-ever Sunday Edition of our regional Cars+Coffee series served as the perfect test bed for this idea, and the feedback we received told us one thing: we needed to open up the encore to all creators, no matter the discipline.

This Saturday, April 6th, from 9 AM to Noon, with support from AnzoUSA and Fluidampr, Turn 14 Distributions headquarters will be the perfect venue to flex those creative muscles, where some of the best vehicles from the Greater Philadelphia and Tri-state areas make the biannual voyage to Horsham, PA.


Inclusivity came at a cost, and unexpectedly turned the selection of this grand prize into the most difficult part of hosting the contest. Choosing a prize valuable to both photo and video creators, all in different stages of their creative careers was a formidable opponent for our entire team, but were confident that we hit the nail on the head.

First place will be taking home either a year’s subscription to Adobes Photoshop and Lightroom CC bundle, OR their Premiere Pro CC program, courtesy of Pit+Paddock. Whether youre a novice looking to take the next step, or a seasoned professional looking to take the cost of an Adobe subscription off your expenses for the year, we believe any and every creator can take advantage of this opportunity. Especially when you have nothing to lose.

You heard that right, no strings attached. Think of it as going about your business as usual, with a few extra clicks to ensure we see the content youre posting. You arent an ounce of creative freedom, the rights to your assets, or the credit you rightfully deserve.


I feel the need to reiterate the same sentiment from the first contest because its rarely said enough. Followers. Arent. Everything. Thats why the amount of likes your post gets isnt the deciding factor, but one of many that we will take into account to choose the winner. The overall creativity, substance, originality, and production quality will be considered alongside its virality on the gram.


  1. Post your content from the Cars+Coffee: Season Opener
  2. Follow and collaborate your post with @pitandpaddock
  3. Use the Hashtag #pitpadcontest

Thats it! Just make sure to post your content within a week of the Cars+Coffee: Season Opener and youre entered! The winners will be notified by Sunday, April 14th at 11:59 PM. For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.





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