The Adventure Continues with Super73’s Electrifying Ride into the Future

Photography: Mike Maravilla

  • Super73 is an Irvine, California company founded in 2016 bringing e-bikes to the forefront of our generation.
  • Innovative technology and eye-catching designs have attracted recognition from A-list celebrities and athletes.
  • With a diverse lineup including the flagship R Adventure and S2 models and a large list of accessories, Super73 embodies personalization for all its enthusiasts.
  • Super73’s latest venture is its first electric motorcycle—the C1X—which features fast-charging capabilities, 85 MPH top speed, regenerative braking, and more.

In an era defined by technological advancements and growing environmental consciousness, it’s no surprise that many large vehicle manufacturers—like BMW, Toyota, and GM—are borrowing a page from the industry’s pioneers and transitioning to electric options. While Tesla and Rivian have led the charge for cars, there’s one company in the realm of two-wheeled transportation that stands out: Super73. Founded in 2016 by a group of Californian bike enthusiasts, Super73 meshed e-bike technology with rugged American style and earned the stamp of approval from celebrities and enthusiasts alike.


The passion for biking came early for Super73’s founders Michael Cannavo, Aaron P. Wong, and Legrand Crewse. Raised under the Californian sun, amidst motorcycles, skateboarding, and surfing, they were steeped in a culture that celebrated freedom. Inspired by the iconic minibikes of the 1960s and 1970s, these visionaries were drawn together by a shared dream: to create an e-bike they could all enjoy. But that simple dream quickly evolved into something much greater. Super73’s Kickstarter campaign, initially set with a modest goal of $25,000, skyrocketed to an astounding $441,461, marking the inception of what the company has become today. The overwhelming response from riders worldwide underscored the brand’s unique fusion of retro charm and cutting-edge technology, solidifying its place in the hearts of biking enthusiasts everywhere.


From Hollywood actors to professional athletes, celebrities have flocked to Super73, eager to be seen riding the brand’s stylish e-bikes. This celebrity endorsement—from ASAP Rocky, Paris Hilton, Rahul Kohli, and many others—has only further elevated Super73’s status as a cultural icon.


Super73 has quickly grown into one of the most recognizable electric e-bike brands for urban transportation. Its lineup is diverse and each model is distinguished by unique features and design elements.

Super73’s kid-friendly K1D e-bike, which gives kids the confidence to ride thanks to an electric balance feature, up to its flagship R Adventure Series that allows adrenaline junkies to take the road less traveled, each model offers an array of accessories like cargo crates and board racks and upgradable parts like tires and batteries that makes your e-bike last for years to come.

If you’re looking for a more customized bike straight from Super73 themselves, then don’t worry. Its HALO team is dedicated to imaginative creations, like the famous fighter jet-influenced e-bike made for Jake Cronenworth, an MLB star. This bike stole our hearts at AIMExpo this year. Knowing that everything would be upgraded, Cronenworth opted for the R Brooklyn base model. This build quickly took shape. Cronenworth’s bike features a custom paint job, vinyl decals, upgraded Vee Huntsman tires, an Adventure series headlight, two prop missiles, a Cadillac-inspired taillight, and of course, two baseball bat holders in the front. With all the customized care, the R series e-bike from Super73 includes fully controllable suspension, 40-75 miles battery range, and 28+ MPH off-road speed.


Super73 bikes give people a cleaner transportation option and also packages the opportunity as a fresh, new adventure-driven lifestyle. Whether youre in California, Texas, or New York, Super73 seems to be taking over the urban streets as the preferred way of commuting. Extending an invite to be a part of a community (and even offering perks and group rides) makes the switch all the more enticing.


Theres more to come from Super73, even though they’ve already achieved plenty. The team calls its latest endeavor the C1X, its first electric motorcycle. The numbers already sound impressive: a top speed that exceeds 85 MPH and battery tech that can replenish a 10% battery to an 80% charge in under 15 minutes. There are two variants of the upcoming C1X: “El Jefe” is a scrambler dual sport and “Super Le Pew” a café style super sport. The C1X represents a significant leap forward. It will allow its loyal followers to graduate from an e-bike to a full-blown electric motorcycle while retaining Super73’s adventure spirit. We’re excited to learn more about the C1X as the bike’s launch draws closer. But in the meantime, consider us a fan of what Super73 is doing in the electric Powersports space.