Wednesday Work Break: Vorsteiner’s SoCal Design Studio

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying these shorter articles to break up the monotony of your workweek. At least, that’s the hope on our end!

For this week’s break, we have more imagery from our trip to Southern California earlier this year. Within the same week that we visited other shops, we stopped by the modern Vorsteiner Design Studio in Garden Grove, CA.

We arrived to a building with minimal signage, however the Ferrari 488 Spider and Ducati parked out front offered proper clues to imply we were in the right place.

Approaching the building, the doorway was labeled with the Gunther Werks 400R logos. For those that don’t already know, Peter Nam of Vorsteiner is also the mastermind behind the beautiful limited edition 400R Porsche that set the Internet aflame last year. We were even fortunate enough to see the initial build at the SEMA Show in November.

We stepped inside the office, and made our way directly to the design studio portion of the building, by way of a 400R-branded door.

Once inside this room, we were treated to the visual delight of a flawless shop area with a breathtaking white E30 M3 on display, prototype aero parts, and a dismantled McLaren 720S.

The parts on display showed various stages of the production process of the company’s aero programs, as did the McLaren fender which was being fitted with a new set of louvers to promote airflow from the wheel well.

Rounding the corner we spotted the famous Vorsteiner M4 GTS demo car, fitted with the company’s full GTS-V aero program and its new gold VCS-002 Sport Forged wheels!

I don’t want to keep you from doing what you need to do any longer, so I’ll stop there, but peruse through the gallery below for tons more details from our visit with Vorsteiner.