Big Turbochargers and RHD JDM Gems Highlight July’s Cars+Coffee

  • Over 400 cars filled the grounds at Turn 14 Distribution’s Horsham location.
  • A heavily modified Audi S3, a period-correct-looking JDM Z20 Soarer, and a beautiful blue EG6 were our favorites.

After checking out the coverage we posted earlier this week, we know y’all are itching for some particulars on the standout builds that showed up to our July Cars+Coffee presented by Whiteline. We’ve got the deets for you.


Ugh, this Z20 Soarer is just right on so many different levels. Twin-turbocharged, two-tone, two-door, low, clean as all hell, and of course imported from outside the United States for the cherry on top. Looking at its cleanliness and factory twin-turbo badges, one could assume it’s hardly upgraded. But don’t be fooled; it’s far from stock. Such is the level of attention paid to modifying this car into the stellar example before us.
Gone is the factory 1G-GTE engine, replaced with a 2JZ-GTE VVTi variant, which takes care of the power supply but in such tidy order it could be mistaken for OE.
As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I feel like a broken record, but Panasport G7 C5C wheels are just such an iconic design for this period of car. I loved seeing them on this Soarer — and in such perfect condition, too! New to the area, the owner just happened to check out our event in this car, and we’re so glad they did. I thoroughly enjoyed drooling over this Nardi-equipped JDM star. Welcome to the area, we’re hoping we see much more of this car soon!


A fitting example of the variety at our event, not only is this S3 female-owned, but it’s been modified to the gills, and so well, it needed a section in our highlights.
This hatchback was stripped of its factory 1.8T engine (like the GTI) in favor of a beefy R32 engine and then upgraded even further with this giant Garrett Motion GT42R turbocharger for more fun. The larger engine, induction, and its accompanying downpipe became the centerpiece of the heavily altered powertrain and were on full display at our event for all to enjoy.
Elsewhere on the chassis, Air Lift Performance air suspension carefully adjusts the ride height over a fitting set of forged three-piece fifteen52 Tarmac R43 wheels in perfect specs. Overall, I really enjoyed how the owner executed the build, and it was a lovely change of pace to be in the presence of such a well-crafted S3 example! Thank you for bringing it out.


While drooling over this Captiva Blue Pearl EG6 Civic with a friend, we got to discussing how 16-inch wheels usually don’t quite fit the EG chassis. However, this car pulls it off so well with its bronze 16-inch Volk Racing TE37 wheels and aggressive Toyo R888R tires.
Whether it’s the SpeedFactory Racing additions scattered throughout, like the titanium hardware, tucked radiator, and coil-on-plug setup, or the B18C-swapped engine, this bay begs for attention, and we were more than happy to devote ours to it.
There didn’t appear to be a spec of use across the entire chassis. With the excellent condition full OE interior intact, spotless glossy paint everywhere it originally came, even exterior modifications like the factory Honda window visors and the J’s Racing rear spoiler seemed untouched. They rounded out my firm belief that this was a flawless genuine EG6 example.

If I haven’t said it enough, thank you again to everyone who attended and supported our third Cars+Coffee event of the year. We love having everyone gather to expand our like-minded appreciation for all vehicles further, and it wouldn’t be possible without attendees, so thank you! As Sam mentioned in his recap, we’re working on something special for August, so stay tuned to our social media for details on what’s next, and we hope to see you soon in your unique build!