Installing Pedders EziFit Suspension on a Toyota Tacoma

Photography: Brandon Cody

  • With so many options for Toyota Tacoma suspension, we elaborate on the Pedders EziFit solution.
  • The front corners come pre-assembled with spring, shock, and top hats ready for installation.
  • The rear setup includes foam cell shocks and rear leaf springs to complete the truck’s lift kit.

We showcased Pedders’ rear brake conversion kit installation if you were following along recently. We’re back with another part to explain the second half of goods we installed in this process, which included Pedders TrakRyder EziFit Spring and Shock Kit, along with a new venture into rear leaf springs for the same 2005–2021 Toyota Tacoma models! For this, we are, of course, at our go-to installation masters R/T Tuning in Montgomeryville, PA. I explained enough about the Tacoma in the previous article, so let’s get right into it.


We’ve covered this in a few different articles in the past, but the answer remains the same. Whether you’re looking to improve ground clearance to get into harsher terrain in your off-road vehicle, planning to tow a larger payload with a lower impact on your suspension, or just want your truck to look beefier with a set of big tires, you’ll need to upgrade the suspension. In the case of this Toyota Tacoma, we’re mixing some of each reason but switching over to get a feel for the new Pedders suspension system.


Onto the goods: Rather than piecing together separate spring, shock, and top hat components to outfit your truck suspension, Pedders TrakRyder EziFit Spring and Shock Kits (PED-807201) merge the three into a single corner’s part number. This pre-assembled combination alleviates the need to hunt down separate pieces while ordering. It also prevents any use of the dreaded spring compressor during installation, which should ease the mind of anyone planning to do this install at home. With factory-style bracketry and exceptional load-carrying characteristics, it’s a painless solution for the Tacoma.


The Tacoma doesn’t utilize a coil spring design in the rear. Instead, separate leaf springs and shocks form the suspension. We turned to Pedders’ TrakRyder Rear Foam Cell Shock (PED-151249) to match the bolstered suspension update around the truck. This offering has a massive 40mm bore and more precise valve settings than its OE brethren. Changing the bore and valve settings generates more performance without sacrificing the comfort needed in your truck. It has better, larger cooling areas to improve performance and durability thanks to its construction with a cellular foam membrane inside. This membrane also allows complete oil contact with both the inner and outer housings, virtually eliminating shock fade.


As we mentioned above, the rear of this truck splits the suspension duty into two parts. Having tackled the rear shock decision, Pedders also offers a new TrakRyder Raised Height 4×4 Leaf Spring option for the Tacoma. These leaf springs provide a 40mm raised height with a 0-300 kgs load design. Interleaf friction pads and redesigned spring rates make these high-grade steel options with tapered cut ends a solid solution for the rear. Please note, though, while select applications of these leaf springs include new bushings, the Tacoma-specific part number does not so plan on reusing your current units.


The rear brake conversion we labeled as a medium dog difficulty. However, as with most suspension installs, this is a small dog difficulty. Due to the pre-assembled construction of the front units, this installation can be completed using standard hand tools.

Pat from R/T Tuning put the truck on the lift and removed the wheel and tire combo. Then, it was just a matter of removing the three bolts that hold the front suspension assembly to the truck and the castle nut on the upper control arm. Pat fitted the new suspension piece into place and fastened all bolts to their torque spec — front done.

In the rear, the truck was already half apart due to the brake conversion and only needed a few more bolts removed to release the pieces of suspension we were replacing. As mentioned above, the eye bushings inside the leaf springs will have to be reused, but don’t fret; they just pull right out. Pat pushed them into the Pedders leaf spring with some grease and lifted the whole piece into place. Next, it was just the removal and replacement of the new rear shock, and just like the front, all bolts were torqued to spec. Replacing the wheels and tires was the final step of the installation.

As with any suspension install, Pat pulled it onto R/T Tuning’s in-ground flat alignment rack, adjusted arms to their proper straight measurements, retorqued, and went for a test drive.


With the new Pedders lift suspension pieces in place, this Tacoma is now fit for trail riding. The new pre-assembled front units were a breeze to install and provide improved performance, while the rear was a bolt-in affair itself and boasted renewed vigor and height.

In all, the TrakRyder products from Pedders are simple to match parts together for an application, a painless install, and a performance improvement. It’s an easy choice for your next Tacoma suspension solution.