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MSS Adjustable Suspension Kit Improves The 2022 BMW G80 M3
BY Kyle Crawford //
March 16, 2022
  • The 2022 BMW M3 (G80) comes factory-equipped with a performance suspension system, but there’s always room for improvement.
  • Modular Suspension Solution (MSS) delivers triple-rated spring technology in a height-adjustable package specifically for this application.
  • This G80 kit lowers the front 27mm and rear 30mm from the factory spec without sacrificing handling.

The BMW M3’s roots may lie in sports car racing; originating as a coupe, the model has morphed into a pure-bred sports sedan in the time since — and we’re not mad about it. The evolution of the car has brought with it significant changes and advantages, including its speed and handling. The previous generation of the M3, the F80 (or F82 M4, in coupe form), was a big step in the right direction for performance enthusiasts but, according to owners, lacked proper suspension from the factory. It was here that companies like MSS stepped up and produced the proper setup the aftermarket needed.

That’s all well and good for the F80, but the world has moved on, and BMW didn’t make the same mistakes twice. For the newest generation M3, the G80 chassis, BMW outfitted it with an adequate suspension system from the factory, shaving the margin for aftermarket improvement. However, the MSS Sports fully-adjustable kit still provides refinement!

We attended a special dealer installation day at Thompson BMW in Doylestown, PA, where we got to see, first hand, the ease of installation and the extended benefits of the MSS kit.


Founded in 2013, MSS stands for Modular Suspension Solution. The company creates height adjustable spring kits for a variety of applications. The founder, William Blankson, initially developed the solution for personal use, looking for improved comfort, safety, height adjustability, performance, and everyday vehicle use. The brand has built an international customer base filled with aftermarket and OE partners. It constructs all solutions using high-grade materials and even calls on renowned suspension manufacturer Eibach for spring production. Its main call-to-fame is its triple-rated spring technology involving dual-stacked spring kits like the one we’re going to explore today.


The single-rated, heavy-duty orange spring stabilizes the vehicle on the CNC-machined rear ride adjuster, which sits on a multi-rate black spring in the rear so that neither spring has to compromise its ability to handle different scenarios. If single-rate springs made up the kit, it would be good in one instance but sacrifice either ride quality or performance in others. This stacked solution gives the best of all worlds without sacrifice.

MSS Adjustable Suspension Kit Improves The 2022 BMW G80 M3


Triple-rated technology sounds impressive, but how does it work? The relatively low spring rate will initially absorb minor bumps in the road, increasing tire contact on the ground and grip levels while supplying comfort. Then, any events requiring a reaction from its secondary spring rate enhance vehicle stability during medium load circumstances, including cornering. The final stiffest rate resists sudden harsh load levels and dynamic movements like acceleration, braking, or quickly avoiding obstacles. This formula retains the maximum amount of traction and comfort in varying situations and is why MSS has become such a popular option.


This kit is an innovative product because of the technology we’ve already mentioned above and because it fits in the stock spring location within the standard M3 suspension packaging. Another reason this kit is favorable is due to its ease of installation and adjustability. The spring and suspension setup doesn’t even need to be removed from the car to change ride height, which is a considerable advantage when choosing an adjustable product.


We joined in a special MSS-hosted dealer install day at Thompson BMW to witness the simplicity of the installation process. The morning started with a barista from Top Hat serving up complimentary espresso drinks — a blessing for some dealers who traveled overnight from the West Coast and needed a morning boost.

With everyone fueled up, we took a walk to the back of Thompson BMW’s service area, where a tidy MSS product table was constructed, and the main focus of our day, a 2022 BMW Individual Mint Green G80 M3 Competition, was on display in the bay. Veteran BMW technician, Mike, removed the stock wheels and tires from the car and then removed the G80’s stock front suspension.

He took the assembly over to the spring compressor and released the top hat from its clutches on the factory spring. Next, the MSS-supplied polyurethane front spring seat was aligned into place. The seat uses specific cutouts that correspond with the factory spring perch design and fit snugly into one precise position. Continuing on, he added the CNC-machined front ride height adjuster before combining the orange spring, factory dust shield, and top hat assembly onto the shock and torquing to spec. The front unit was tightened into its OE location, the process was repeated on the other side, and this installation was officially half-finished.

Though it contains a dual-stacked spring, the rear may actually be even simpler to install. Mike started by supporting and unbolting the rear lower control arm before gently removing the OE spring assembly. Mike combined the dual-rate black spring with the CNC-machined adjuster, and the single-rate orange spring was added on top. This combination not only fits within the factory spring space but is nearly identical in height to the OE spring — while still offering variable spring rates and height adjustability. Mike lifted the new pieces into their home, raised the lower control arm back into place, fastened all hardware to spec, and repeated the process for the other side — rears done, too.

The final steps involved a test drive where spring settling could ensue, a return to the lift to check heights, adjustments as needed, and finally, an alignment on Thompson BMW’s in-ground rack to finish it off. The car was dropped to the lowest setting on the adjustable collars — lowering the front 27mm and rear 30mm from the factory spec — and driven out of the shop, ready for its owner to enjoy. Never to rest on their laurels, we received word from MSS that there is already an update in production for this kit, which will lower the G8X further without sacrificing performance and handling characteristics.





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