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Turn 14 Distribution Signs Pit+Paddock as its Official Marketing Agency
BY Mike Maravilla //
April 10, 2023
Photography: Sam Du
Additional Photography: Garret Transue
  • Pit+Paddock’s explosive splash over the last two years has put a spotlight on its impact, prompting industry newcomers and veterans alike to take notice.
  • Since 2021, Pit+Paddock has worked with Turn 14 Distribution as a long-term proof of concept leading up to this transition.
  • Turn 14 Distribution is a Performance Warehouse Distributor with distribution facilities strategically located across the continental United States to facilitate fast, worldwide fulfillment.
  • Together, the official pairing will strengthen the authority of both entities in our respective spaces and marks a vital commitment toward our continued growth trajectories.

Horsham, PA., April 10, 2023 – Pit+Paddock continues its upward trajectory within the automotive space as the official marketing agency for the Performance Warehouse Distributor, Turn 14 Distribution. By officially acknowledging its working relationship with Pit+Paddock, Turn 14 Distribution significantly widens its marketing potential, both in scope and reach. The announcement enables Turn 14 Distribution to hone its focus on supporting its own meteoric nationwide growth within the automotive aftermarket industry.

Turn 14 Distribution is a vital player in the automotive aftermarket. It holds a significant footprint within a wide range of niche vehicle markets and an active commitment to stocking, fulfilling, and supporting orders from its partner manufacturers’ full product lines. Its ever-expanding commitment to these efforts through technological and physical expansions makes this partnership with Pit+Paddock a timely exercise.

“The decision to create our agency was borne out of necessity to better serve the needs of our industry and our partners and engage automotive enthusiasts across a broad spectrum. For the past two years, the team at Pit+Paddock has worked to solidify our place by creating experiences that serve our audience’s needs. Our agency will continue to grow our existing clients’ business and leverage our ties to Turn 14 Distribution to set new engagement and sales pull-through standards.” – Daryl Sampson, Pit+Paddock Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

The overall shift allows everyone to do what they do best. By approaching this transition with a calculated measure over the last two years via industry trade shows, event activations, and genre-defining car builds, Pit+Paddock and Turn 14 Distribution have ensured a seamless crossover. The agency’s unique industry position opens each of Turn 14 Distribution’s vendors’ doors to more immersive, organic, and impactful marketing opportunities, including with Pit+Paddock’s managed athlete, Dai Yoshihara.

“Turn 14 Distribution is proud to name Pit+Paddock as its official marketing agency. The agency’s coveted content and exclusive event curation accelerated Turn 14 Distribution’s emergence as a leading distributor to the general public and automotive aftermarket businesses. Its effect has been profound; we have significantly expanded the company’s audience and engagement. Having a partner that can conceptualize, innovate, and deliver cutting-edge marketing solutions as our industry evolves just affirms that this is the way forward.” – Jon Pulli, Turn 14 Distribution CEO





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