Dream Opportunity: Creating A Portfolio of Inspirational Halo Cars for BMW CCA

Photography: Pit+Paddock

  • The BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) is the largest single-marque car club in the world with more than 70,000 club members across 68 nationwide chapters.
  • Turn 14 Distribution has partnered with the BMW CCA to create the annual Dream Car Raffle giveaway vehicle — a 1-of-1 BMW M car modded tastefully with the aftermarket’s best.
  • Turn 14 Distribution’s strong industry relationships helps it curate components that speak to the modern BMW enthusiast and drive BMW CCA’s mission and magnetism forward.
  • Highlights from the first three years of Turn 14 Distribution’s effort include a Marina Bay Blue Metallic F90 M5 Competition, a Hockenheim Silver Metallic F87 M2 Competition, and an Isle of Man Green Metallic F92 M8 Competition.

The proposition goes something like this: choose an M car from BMW’s current lineup, curate a list of tasteful, high-end modifications, and then make it happen.

That is the basic formula that Turn 14 Distribution — one of the largest aftermarket component distributors in the world — has earned. Over the last three years, Turn 14 Distribution has leveraged its long-standing industry relationships and discerning taste to create aspirational builds for the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA). This annual effort is aimed at doing one thing: parking the finished product in one of BMW CCA’s member garages at the end of the year. Yes, this Turn 14 Distribution Dream Car is actually the grand prize in BMW CCA’s annual raffle. Amongst the club’s standalone efforts, this giveaway is one of the most buzz-worthy. This alone makes BMW CCA’s membership dues ($58 yearly for reference) worth it.


Indeed, the crux of building the Dream Car Raffle Grand Prize rests on working with the right partners. Through this exercise, Turn 14 Distribution has managed to mesh its own taste profile with a barometer of BMW’s aftermarket heavy-hitters. Names like Akrapovic, BBS, Future Classic, KW Suspensions, IND Distribution, Michelin, and more have been vital throughlines for each effort; each brand or manufacturer represents the best of its respective niche. Using the right “ingredients” from the start has translated an aura of excellence into each of the three builds to date.


Turn 14 Distribution’s inaugural effort revolved around an iconic name in the automotive world: the BMW M5. The super-sedan was optioned in a handsome Marina Bay Blue Metallic over Silverstone leather combination — a scheme that would befit its luxurious, yet sporting demeanor. The accompanying mods would echo this direction; first, a generous helping of Akrapovic add-ons, including its titanium exhaust (S-BM/T/7H), sound kit (P-HF1132), carbon fiber rear diffuser (DI-BM/CA/5/G/RS), and carbon fiber mirror caps (WM-BM/CA/3/G) were installed. A carbon fiber front lip (5220BMV), trunk spoiler, and side skirt set (RKP-F90-SS-2), courtesy of Vorsteiner and RKP respectively, were fitted too, transforming the car’s presence immensely. Equally iconic 20″ BBS LM wheels and KW Variant 4 coilovers (3A7200CC) — a new entry at the time — were chosen to properly set the car on its haunches.

Plenty of details made this car stand out, even against vehicles with similar mods. IND’s painted reflectors (IND-F90-PREF) and Acexxon rear reflector inserts (R07-10-1) are considered essentials amongst US-bound BMWs and were justifiably fitted to this M5. Future Classic 5×112 wheel spacers (FC-BWSK-112) and titanium studs (FC-M14STUD-TI) helped dial in the fitment and make wheel changes easier. Finally, BMC drop-in filters (FB01034) and Race Chip GTS Black tuning bumped the power ceiling into the stratosphere. Given the results and thanks to the help from R/T Tuning, you’d be hard-pressed to know that this was Turn 14 Distribution’s first effort with BMW CCA.


For the second year, Turn 14 Distribution opted to target the F87 M2 Competition, BMW’s most coveted driver’s car aside from its athletic, limited-production brethren, the M2CS. The benchmark was clear: build a car using aftermarket components that would exceed its factory foe’s aesthetic and performance thresholds.

Battling Bavaria’s own engineers was an uphill battle, but not one that Turn 14 Distribution turned away. You’ll notice a few familiar names on the mod list (i.e. Akrapovic, BMC, Future Classic, IND Distribution, and Race Chip), but don’t let that fool you into thinking this sophomore effort was a case of rinse, wash, and repeat. Unlike the mature demeanor of the outgoing M5, the M2 adopted a weight-conscious, motorsport mindset. BBS RI-As supplied by Slicer were chosen as a lightweight, monoblock alternative to the BBS LM, StopTech Trophy brakes provided the stopping power, and a set of MOTON 3-way coilovers (M 505 133-01) — lifted straight from a European race series — were fitted as well. Underneath it all, every component that Fall-Line Motorsports makes for the M2 Competition was added to ensure the car could keep pace with the upgraded dampers.

On the inside, the M2 Competition’s factory seats were ditched for a pair of Sparco QRT Performance carbon fiber buckets and six-point harnesses. Every component managed to tick the M2’s weight downward, but Turn 14 Distribution was eager to push the envelope further. Carbon fiber body panels — M Performance trunk (41622460278), OEM M2CS hood (51718082720), and an RKP roof panel (RKP-F87-ROOF) — helped transform the M2C into a svelte, chiseled athlete.

A Garrett charge air cooler (888883-6001) and Koyorad radiator (VH423704) pairing were added to quell any cooling capacity concerns near the limit. In the end, nearly every inch of this M2 Competition had been massaged to bring the fight to the mighty M2CS. And it worked. With renowned racing driver and Pit+Paddock athlete Dai Yoshihara behind the wheel of both cars back-to-back, The Turn 14 Distribution M2 Competition pipped an M2CS at Pocono Raceway by a good margin. Job well done to Turn 14 Distribution and the team at Thompson BMW for putting the car together impeccably.


Looking back, the F90 M5 Competition build was a perfect place to start. Turn 14 Distribution worked diligently to put its spin on an icon — a car that BMW CCA’s audience would know well — and because of that, they’d also understand just how much the car had changed in Turn 14 Distribution’s hands. The M2’s build aimed to punch above its motorsport weight class against a clear target. Its achievement required a ton of work, but it showcased Turn 14 Distribution’s range to extract the most racing pedigree from the platform. With two very different examples in its portfolio, Turn 14 Distribution looked to the top of the BMW food chain to see just how much better they could make Bavaria’s most expensive, best-performing model to date: the F92 M8 Competition.

It was a very different challenge than either of the previous builds. While it would’ve been predictable to go all-out on the M8 after what the M2 Competition became, the F92 was a totally different animal. As such, the mod list approach required some restraint — what needed to come through here wasn’t all-out speed, but rather the M8’s GT capability.

The Akrapovic titanium exhaust (S-BM/T/23), accompanying sound kit (P-HF1263), and carbon fiber rear diffuser (DI-BM/CA/7/G) were amongst the first modifications performed at Thompson BMW. Turn 14 Distribution opted to fit KW’s Height Adjustable Spring kit (253200CW) to preserve the factory EDC for long excursions, but paired it with a set of BBS FI-Rs — the appropriate halo wheel for BMW’s flagship.

Under the hood, Turn 14 Distribution called upon two icons, Eventuri and CSF, for industry-leading performance. The pair delivered a carbon fiber intake system (EVE-F9XM5M8-CF-INT) and high-performance charge coolers (8178) respectively, which — in conjunction with RaceChip GTS Black software — pushed power northward, even beyond the Marina Bay Blue Metallic F90 M5. But more than just power, the CSF charge coolers and Eventuri intake added peace of mind; the OEM parts they replaced were adequate for production, but would inevitably fail with long-term or spirited use. Both performance add-ons have leveraged the industry’s best materials and construction methods to ensure they work for years to come.

A Sterckenn front splitter set (SN-F92-S1) and M Performance side skirts (51192464417) added the perfect exterior accent to an already gorgeous physique. The end result was a stunner and, despite not having as large of a mod list as the M2 Competition that came before it, the additions were supremely impactful.


2023 will be another opportunity for Turn 14 Distribution to shine. BMW’s M-car lineup is more expansive than ever, so Turn 14 Distribution is certainly spoiled for choice. We’re going to stay tight-lipped on the new canvas for now, but rest assured, the end result will be well worth the price of admission.