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Precision Sport Industries is a Haven for BMW Car Culture, Service, and Modification
BY Mike Maravilla //
July 14, 2023
Photography: Dan Levins
  • Precision Sport Industries (PSI) is a Florida-based shop that is well-known in the industry for judicious BMW maintenance, repair, and modification.
  • A love for all things BMW brought the PSI staff together and keeps them unitedly impassioned, whether in the shop, at shows, on track days, or on the forums.
  • To adequately cater to its BMW customers, its nearly 14,000 square foot facility boasts ten lifts, state-of-the-art automotive tools and equipment, an in-ground MAHA Dyno, and an in-ground Hunter Elite Alignment System amongst others.
  • On top of its pedigree for service and modification, PSI is the AST/MOTON Motorsport Development + Technical Center for the USA.

2008 was a different time. Apple launched the iPhone 3G, Barack Obama was president, Flo Rida’s “Low” was on the top of the Billboard charts, and BMW released a blasphemous thing: a V8-powered M3. The last two things are rather serendipitous to the topic at hand today. Precision Sport Industries (PSI) — a Florida-based shop that we now know as one of the nation’s premier BMW destinations — opened its doors to the enthusiast community as well.

To call PSI a newcomer to the BMW space, even back then, would be a disservice. Although the shop was established in 2008, everyone involved with PSI — even to this day — has been an avid fan of Bavaria from a young age. Sean Myers, the owner and founder of Precision Sport Industries, confessed that his affinity for the marque began with the E36 M3, and by the time PSI opened, he’d amassed a collection of several classics and every 3-series M car — E30 through the new E9X — to date. As I alluded to before, the storylines are similar throughout the shop with little exception. That immersion into the culture has afforded PSI a unique vantage point into what modern BMW enthusiasts crave and the shop has been the vehicle to provide it with open arms.


Modern enthusiast shops can be widely criticized for one thing: when a new chassis comes out, it feels like the previous generations are forgotten. While it’s certainly an understandable move for driving business, it negates BMW’s unique influence as a marque. Each new generation of BMW is propped up by its proud history, one that is predicated by an acknowledgment and respect for the amazing machinery that has earned the Ultimate Driving Machine reputation.

Precision Sport Industries has managed to strike a perfect balance here — it has found a way to embrace BMW’s archival catalog with the same fervor as the ones that have just rolled off the showroom floor. 

“PSI has successfully expanded its expertise within the BMW realm, catering to a diverse range of BMW chassis throughout the brand’s history,” Myers comments. “A simple visit to our shop would reveal a remarkable display of BMW vehicles from nearly every decade. From the 1960s 1800s to the latest G80 models, we diligently work on repairing, restoring, and building these cars on a daily basis.”

PSI’s lack of homogeneous focus is refreshing and it’s a rare, but welcomed sight to see such a diverse collection of BMWs under the same roof.


Of course, passion alone doesn’t drive the business forward. That desire needs to be coupled with commitment, consistency, and honesty in order for PSI to flourish. Myers has carefully curated a staff that embodies all four of these crucial elements and even when business hours end, it’s common to find each of them still buzzing about all things BMW. Myers is the first to acknowledge that:

“These dedicated automotive enthusiasts actively participate in car shows, track events, and automotive forums, constantly immersing themselves in the latest trends and advancements in the industry. Their personal experiences and extensive knowledge enable them to engage in meaningful discussions with customers, sharing their expertise and assisting them in making informed decisions about modifications or repairs.”

The cumulative effect of PSI’s total commitment is something every shop aspires to achieve: trust. PSI has rightfully earned its status as one of the premier BMW destinations nationwide because of it and there’s no sign of slowing down any time soon.


A key piece in supporting Precision Sport Industries’ goals is the facility itself. Its facility in Oviedo, FL spans an impressive 14,000 square feet and is equipped with state-of-the-art automotive tools and equipment. Amongst the lot, PSI boasts an in-ground MAHA Dyno, an in-ground Hunter Elite Alignment System, and a Hunter Tire Mounter and Balancer. This ensures that each technician’s own attention to detail is supported by the tools available to them.

Within the main workshop, there are ten total lifts, which provide ample space for each of the five technicians to operate. Amongst the massive assortment of equipment is a crucial set of OEM and aftermarket diagnostic tools, ensuring that PSI has everything necessary to effectively repair, maintain, program, and modify a wide array of BMWs and an even wider range of customer requests.

Indeed, the facility itself is set up for the long-term, congruous to the long-lasting relationships that it maintains with its customers.


Over the last handful of years, Precision Sport Industries has begun its next evolutionary step into curating its own set of signature products. This unique line is designed and manufactured at PSI’s Oviedo, FL shop and is a direct response to its customers’ requests. It has seized the G8X — the M2, M3, and M4 in total — as an opportunity to create new products. From the jump, it has been almost impossible to find a G8X owner who doesn’t know about PSI’s signature midpipe and its lineup of bespoke compound brake pads is following suit.

But PSI hasn’t stopped there. It has also recently attained the esteemed status of being the AST/MOTON Motorsport Development + Technical Center for the US market. This designation empowers PSI to lead the way in suspension development and service for the renowned suspension brand and, by virtue of this relationship, an intimate knowledge of the AST/MOTON lineup to reference for its own customer solutions.


We’ve said it a couple of times already, but a lot of PSI’s hard work over the last fifteen years has been an effort to improve the customer experience. PSI doesn’t look to sell its customers the latest product if it isn’t also the greatest; part of being a shop patron is learning about which components make it past its stringent quality checks. Each Precision Sport Industries customer can rest easy knowing that each brand that it vets is amongst the industry’s best and equally, it’s a point of pride to be a brand that PSI endorses.

“This approach allows us to create an environment where our customers feel understood and supported,” Myers comments. “We prioritize the automotive culture above all other considerations. This dedication ensures that we remain well-informed, enabling us to provide knowledgeable advice, innovative solutions, and top-quality services to our valued customers. For us, this is not just a job; it is a way of life.”

For Precision Sport Industries, preserving and fostering that automotive culture is its bottom line. It has been a bridge that connects the enthusiast community’s passion with the level of quality and care that surpasses dealership standards. Because of that, it’s been a BMW-focused shop that we’ve deeply admired over the years and presumably, for many more to come.





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