Eibach Pro Truck Stage 2R Coilovers Re-Write Our Definition of Off-Road Capabilities

Photography: Brandon Cody

  • Eibach is a renowned manufacturer of high-performance suspension components across the entire aftermarket enthusiast spectrum.
  • Eibach is more than springs: its offerings also include shock absorbers, sway bars, and full coilover systems, which can enhance handling and ride comfort simultaneously.
  • The Pro Truck Lift Stage 2R system combines the adjustability of the Coilover 2.0 with the consistent performance of its PRO-TRUCK Reservoir damper out back.
  • The new Stage 2R kit represents Eibach’s latest effort to accommodate the burgeoning off-road community’s needs for conquering the unknown.

When I was a kid, Choose Your Own Adventure books were all the rage. These gamified gems of literature appointed you as the judge, jury, and executioner of each character and, ultimately, up to 40 different endings for the book itself. It was exciting to know that we had choices. And even if our friend was reading the same book, they likely ended up in a different place when the last page was turned.

There are a lot of parallels with the unbeaten path; the off-road world is an adventure of endless possibilities and, akin to the books we idolized as kids, so many of my peers are seizing the opportunity to explore the unknown. However, one of the fastest things we discover about the unbeaten path is that it’s much rougher than we thought. And our ambitions to go further, higher, or deeper, can quickly exceed our vehicles’ capabilities. But ultimately if there’s a will, there will most often be a way.


That way comes from one of the most notorious names in the aftermarket: Eibach. For over seven decades, it has earned a reputation as a renowned manufacturer, engineering high-performance suspension components for an entire enthusiast spectrum. Its solutions have re-aligned our vehicles’ capabilities with those aforementioned ambitions — whether on the road or off of it — allowing us to explore more of our world.

Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t used Eibach products on their cars growing up. Although most of us may be familiar with its springs, its offerings also include shock absorbers, sway bars, and full coilover systems, which collectively expand Eibach’s aptitude tenfold.

For the off-road enthusiast, Eibach has been busy developing a complete arsenal, including load-leveling springs, lift blocks, and full-performance PRO-TRUCK lift systems.


Its latest PRO-TRUCK development, the Eibach PRO-TRUCK-LIFT Stage 2R kit, is dead set on doing exactly that for some of the most determined off-roaders. The “R” designation adds the coveted rear reservoir shocks to the coilover kit; which, paired with the front PRO-TRUCK Coilover 2.0 up front, makes for a much more dynamic package that boasts up to a 4” lift (an extra inch over the Stage 1 kit) for increased travel and ground clearance.

Indeed, in every perceivable category, the Stage 2R kit offers more than both the standard Stage 1 and Stage 2 bundles. The “R” will almost immediately inspire confidence in situations, like large bumps or g-outs, that would otherwise unsettle other suspension systems.

“Combining the adjustability of our PRO-TRUCK Coilover 2.0 up front with the consistent performance of our PRO-TRUCK Reservoir damper out back, the Stage 2R delivers superb damping control and comfort no matter what you throw at it,” says Eibach. Indeed, aside from making mincemeat of nature’s obstacles, comfort is a crucial component for any suspension system engineered for off-road use. Eibach has put in considerable effort to ensure this duality remains true throughout any off-road excursion by leveraging monotube and remote reservoir shock technology.

From the jump, Eibach made sure that it developed, tested, and manufactured Stage 2R solutions for some of the world’s most popular off-road applications — there are kits for the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4Runner, Ford Ranger, RAM 1500, GMC Silverado, and more.


Eibach calls this its “Performance Damper” which is exactly what it is. The front PRO-TRUCK Coilover 2.0s use a threaded spring perch, which allows for precise ride height adjustment, especially when you need to compensate for additional weight. This feature is especially key for overlanding, as the added weight of skid plates, roof racks, spare wheels, rooftop tents, and other weight-gaining gear can immensely affect the vehicle’s damping qualities on the trail.


Unlike traditional shocks, “resi” shocks use a remote reservoir which allows additional fluid to dissipate heat more effectively. This “overflow”, and the more effective management of heat, help reduce shock fade. Resi shocks also allow for more responsive performance by reducing the aeration (foaming) of the internal fluids by separating them from the nitrogen gas charge. 

Off-roaders who have added extra weight over the rear axle will see the biggest improvements — the reservoir shock is much more adept at coping with the payload in addition to standard off-road rigors. Both comfort and damping performance are happily preserved, even when you get back onto civilian roads.


Eibach’s complete solutions take the guesswork out of off-road suspension, so for many of us who have only recently found our way into this segment, the PRO-TRUCK lineup is a no-brainer. I’d equate each plug-and-play PRO-TRUCK variant to a road-going coilover kit; while every system is an upgrade over stock, each progressive tier — from 1 to 2R — offers something more as our expectations or requirements rise.

Eibach created this STAGE 2R tier for a reason: to provide maximum performance across all terrain for the most demanding off-road enthusiast. While the PRO-TRUCK-LIFT Stage 1 may be sufficient for weekend off-roaders, the additional flexibility and capability that the “2R” bundle offers may be worth the extra cash in case it turns into a more serious hobby.

But just like any other part, buying the best components available adds valuable peace of mind. Being able to trust your equipment — especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere — is virtually priceless. Knowing that I have a brand like Eibach supporting me while I explore the unknown is a comfort I would lean on every time.