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Bilstein Bolstered Pit+Paddock Coffee Pop-Up at T14 Truck Booth to Help Fuel SEMA-Goers
BY Mike Maravilla //
November 14, 2023
Photography: Brandon Cody
Videography: Garret Transue
  • Pit+Paddock extends its reach at this year’s SEMA show by hosting a truck-focused pop-up coffee activation at Turn 14 Distribution’s outdoor booth.
  • Complimentary espresso drinks were served to countless SEMA exhibitors, attendees, and truck fans thanks to our partner Bilstein.
  • Pit+Paddock’s signature coffee service was highlighted by Turn 14 Distribution’s truck assortment, including RPM Off-Road Garage’s Lexus LX 80-Series, Turn 14 Distribution’s Tundra, and Mickey Thompson’s something huge.

We’ve said it before. The sports-utility vehicle is perhaps one of the most popular segments of the entire automotive industry. For many Pit+Paddock followers who have modified cars for the last 5-10 years, the truck presents a new challenge, a fresh opportunity to learn about something different and go places they never thought possible. This year’s SEMA, and our ever-popular coffee pop-up, gave us another opportunity to encourage more people to embrace that curiosity. With the help of Bilstein, we funneled foot traffic toward Turn 14 Distribution’s impressive truck booth setup. There, visitors were treated to complimentary espresso-based beverages and various 4x4s from some of the industry’s best.


If this activation sounds familiar, it’s because this Trucks+Coffee is our second go-around. As I said earlier, the enthusiast tides are changing and we’ve tried to go with the flow, incorporating truck-centric events, builds, and a couple of our off-road adventures. SEMA’s annual pilgrimage was another opportunity and Bilstein’s expertise in the overland and off-road spaces made it the perfect partner for this year’s pop-up.


It may be hard to believe, but Bilstein has been around for 150 years. For over 70, it has been dedicated to building the world’s best suspension components across disciplines. Its proficiency has led it to develop suspension systems for the off-road segment where difficult and ever-changing terrain requires the vehicle control that Bilstein can help provide.


This year’s trifecta spanned a wide spectrum: old to new, and mild to wild. RPM Off-Road Garage’s Lexus LX 80-Series, Turn 14 Distribution’s Tundra, and Mickey Thompson’s Baja Pro XS-equipped Jeep Wrangler. Each of them serves a distinct purpose within the off-road community — SoCal trails, cross-country work duty, and all-out rock crawling in Moab respectively — and it gave current and prospective off-road enthusiasts a chance to check out the plentiful differences between the bunch. More than the modified street cars that we’re used to, choosing the right tool for the job is even more important when the road gets rough or disappears altogether.


Although SEMA has become increasingly occupied by trucks over the last decade, it hasn’t been by overland and off-road enthusiasts exclusively but a shared effort by lifted trucks and truck accessories across a wide spectrum. Indeed, the truck realm casts a wide net, so Pit+Paddock x Bilstein’s Cars+Coffee extension, as I mentioned already, had plenty to showcase within its collection. As the segment continues to approach its renaissance, I’m excited that Pit+Paddock and Bilstein have been early adopters of the scene. True to both of our founding principles, we’ve never been married to one specific segment over another and it’s been an exciting exercise to expand our horizons collectively.

We want to thank Bilstein and Turn 14 Distribution for their partnership to extend Pit+Paddock’s presence into another meaningful SEMA show footprint.


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