Crafting Dreams into Metal Realities: The Sosa Metalworks BMW R nineT

Photography: Mike Maravilla

  • Sosa Metalworks is a Las Vegas-based shop devoted to crafting handmade custom motorcycles for Powersports enthusiasts.
  • Cristian Sosa, the mastermind behind Sosa Metalworks, leverages over 20 years of innovative metalwork experience into his work.
  • Sosa’s latest creation, this one-off BMW R nineT, adds his distinct twist to the modern-day motorcycle.
  • Noteworthy modifications include a Roland Sands Design radial valve cover, a sleek all-aluminum body and fairing, and a trimmed seat tailored to embody the aesthetic of the retro-style sports bike.

In the heart of Las Vegas lies a sanctuary where metal meets imagination, where dreams are crafted into tangible realities. For over two decades, Cristian Sosa, the visionary behind Sosa Metalworks, has been shaping the landscape of metal fabrication with his unparalleled expertise and passion for innovation.


The journey of Sosa Metalworks began over 20 years ago. Cristian Sosa committed to becoming a master of metal and his craftsmanship quickly caught the attention of enthusiasts and professionals alike. In September 2012, fueled by a desire to carve his own path, Cristian and his brother Roberto opened the doors to Sosa Metalworks. With a shared commitment to excellence and a persistent pursuit of perfection, the Sosa brothers established a haven where creativity knows no bounds. Eventually, craftsmanship soon evolved into artistry, and Sosa’s ability to turn his imagination into reality earned him a spot in the limelight. This continues to be his driving force for every new build in the shop.

Sosa’s art of metal fabrication transcends mere craftsmanship; it’s a symphony of innovation and precision. Specializing in a myriad of techniques, from surgical-like precision welding to intricate sheet metal work, Sosa Metalworks is renowned for its ability to breathe life into bespoke works. His iconic BMW R nineT is no exception. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to perfection, Cristian transformed the BMW R nineT into a masterpiece that seamlessly blends form and function.


All opportunities must come from somewhere, and this R nineT project was born from BMW’s 2018 Motorrad show in Germany. Gifting Cristian a 2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler to transform into a one-off retro style sports bike, Motorrad highlighted Sosa’s vision and shared it with the world. Sosa Metalworks managed to dial in and complete this project from idea into reality in just two weeks. Since then, many doors opened for Sosa. This bike adorned the cover of Cycle World Magazine on their December 2017 issue and has trekked across the nation on several tours. Indeed, many have had the pleasure to enjoy this build and this year’s AIMExpo was the latest opportunity for more bike enthusiasts to admire the machine up close.

For Cristian, bending a piece of 3/32 steel welding rod was the spark that let his ideas flow. Through all the intricate tweaks and fluid bends, Cristian masterfully handcrafted the skeleton of R nineT’s gas tank. It was the first thing that caught our eye at the show, but there was plenty more to take in as our eyes traveled across the bike’s frame. In Cristian’s words “to create something from nothing, you must have a great peace of mind”. This mentality shows here; every aspect of the bike feels organic, from the raw aluminum body to the genuine leather seat. The power comes from the OE 1170cc four-stroke boxer motor, just slightly modified to match the aesthetic of the overall bike.

This one-off retro styled sports bike has turned many heads. Internally, Cristian’s creation is close to stock. The drive unit, wheels, chassis and even the Akrapovič dual stacked exhaust is straight from factory. Where the magic lives are on the outside. The all-aluminum gas-tank and fairing, all skillfully hammered and molded to perfection, sports a hidden LED projector headlight neatly tucked away to give a seamless design. The shorten seat length beautifully wrapped in genuine leather riveted with OE fasteners keeps to the simplicity, making it seem as though it came straight from BMW themselves. Even the RSD radial valve cover has been modified to fit the overall look and feel of this bike.


Custom bikes fabricated by hand resembles the already daring nature of the enthusiasts that ride them. What makes these handcrafted machines so special are the people that make them and the stories they share. Like in the automotive industry, custom work holds a special place in the hearts of many, we in the powersports community agree. As Cristian would say “hecho a mano”, this means handmade, showing the pride he puts into every creation he lays his hands on. There’s something to be said when you ride around on a machine you built with your own two hands. Taking your ideas and fabricating it to fruition is a skillset we can all admire.

In a world where mediocrity often reigns supreme, Sosa Metalworks stands as a beacon of ingenuity and artistry. With Cristian Sosa at the wheel (or handlebars), the possibilities are limitless, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Sosa dreams up next.