Top 10 Euros From 100% Auto Live Rotterdam

Photography: Jeroen Willemsen

  • Formerly known as the 100% Tuning, 100% Auto Live is one of the Netherlands’ largest car shows, attracting as many as 50,000 spectators.
  • 402automotive has revamped the show in the last few years with higher quality builds, a car catwalk, and drift demonstrations.
  • Euros, especially VW, Audi, and BMW, continue to be the top builds of the three-day festival.

Quarantines, travel bans, and pre-entry tests are just some of the things travelers must worry about in this day and age. Because of this, it has been pretty damn difficult for car fans and many media outlets to hop on a plane and check out their favorite events. This situation was very apparent at the SEMA Show with the absence of thousands of international guests. Across the globe, event organizers have echoed the same sentiment with fewer foreign spectators due to travel restrictions and safety concerns. Luckily for us, we still have some friends in some very cool places, which is why we’re excited to share with you exclusive coverage of the 2021 100% Auto Live show in Rotterdam, courtesy of photographer Jeroen Willemsen.

Rotterdam is the Netherlands’ second-largest city behind Amsterdam (which is only a one-hour drive). It also has one of the country’s largest convention centers called Rotterdam Ahoy. It is here where the 100% Auto Live show has called home since 2003; however, it is only recently that the team at 402automotive has taken over. Who, according to Jeroen, have improved the selection of show cars with overall better builds (you can tell compared to our 2019 coverage as well).

By simply perusing the gallery of photos, you’ll notice the show isn’t just rows of parked cars inside an ugly convention center. No, proper flooring, stanchions, and signage bring a more premium feel. There’s also a “car catwalk” and drift demonstrations; unfortunately, we didn’t grab coverage this year; but it just shows that 100% Auto Live isn’t just a boring exhibition, which explains why up to 50,000 people walk through the doors.

Jeroen sent us hundreds of photos, but we trimmed them down to our top ten favorite Euro builds in this article (in no particular order). Stay tuned for the second part of our 100% Auto Live coverage as we reveal some of the very interesting Japanese builds. Enjoy!

Tom Clarke | 1967 Volvo Amazon
There’s not much you need to do to a 1967 Volvo Amazon to make it look sick, but Tom Clarke of Meguiar’s UK has gone above and beyond with a wicked restoration in original OE Light Green enhanced by Air Lift suspension, SSR wheels, upgraded B230FK engine (Owens Development turbo, Forge Motorsport intercooler, ECUmaster ECU, BMW ZF transmission) and more. Tom’s build was part of a 2020 YouTube series which you should check out if you want to learn more.

Maurice de Jonge | BMW E46 3-Series
According to Jeroen, Maurice’s E46 sedan was his favorite car of 100% Auto Live as the fit, finish, and overall appearance worked well, not to mention that Pandem widebody conversions are still a rare sight in the country. Throw on a set of custom-made BBS RSII wheels and Air Lift components, and we can’t argue with the sedan’s jaw-dropping presence.

Dave Paulus | VW Mk1 Golf
Witnessing a slammed VW Transporter T6 with a low-profile trailer is particularly cool when it tows an even doper VW Mk1 Golf turbo with BBS centerlock wheels!

Black Money Racing | BMW E36 M3
This would be darn close if we could build the ultimate E36 M3! Black Money Racing is a Dutch shop specializing in buying, selling, and preparing race cars. This E36 is one of its many project cars. We don’t know too much aside from the S50/S52 engine spec, JRZ suspension, and 1M brake conversion; however, the GTR-style widebody and deep shade of British Racing Green gets our nod.

Bas Metselaar | Audi 100
You don’t see C2 Audi 100s modified, let alone in this condition. Bas Metselaar has taken extreme care of his very rare four-door and added a custom air ride setup from Kean Suspensions in addition to rebuilt three-piece Pirelli P-Slot wheels.

Carl Taylor | Ford Escort RS Turbo
Easily the most famous Ford Escort in recent years — outside of Ken Block’s Hoonigan-built Mk2 — this is Carl Taylor of the Player’s Show Mk4 RS Turbo. Carl calls California home but allowed Jez Bonner at Carrera Bodyworks to have full reign on the creativity of his Escort build, which included Porsche Rubystone Red (an utterly perfect color), Harris tweed-upholstered interior, and Rotiform Aerodisc wheels.

Dennis Hommel | Ford Sierra Sapphire 2.9 LX
We don’t expect you to know what a Ford Sierra is; however, what we do expect is for you to appreciate how clean Dennis Hommel’s Sierra sedan looks with its rebuilt magnesium BBS wheels, RS front-end, and Air Lift suspension.

Remco Gijzen | Opel Kadett Caravan
The Opel Kadett Caravan is probably another vehicle you’ve never heard of or seen, but we’ll have a full feature on this wagon soon.

Aygo Willem | 1995 Volvo 480 2.0L
An uber-rare Volvo 480 with an even more rare set of three-piece Centra Louvre 14 wheels. The odd hatchback also features a fresh respray and air suspension (duh).

Alex van Aalst | VW Mk1 Golf
A (mostly) all-original 1.6-liter, automatic Mk1 Golf. Not over the top, but it’s super clean and just our cup of tea.