Project E92 M3 Cooks Up The Perfect Engine Bay Recipe

Photography: Brandon Cody

  • The E9X M3’s S65 4.0-liter V8 engine is its stand-out characteristic that deserves to be heard.
  • Eventuri is a UK-based manufacturer that specializes in carbon fiber induction systems and engine bay styling.
  • The complete Eventuri E9X M3 program boasts a CSL-esque V8 induction soundtrack that compliments exhausts notes swimmingly.

After addressing the exhaust, suspension/wheels/tires, and interior, we’re rounding the corner of our Jerez Black Project E92 M3 build. This time we’re focusing entirely on engine bay add-ons — Eventuri’s carbon fiber plenum, intake, intake lid, and duct set — to bring out the very best S65 intake noises. 

Eventuri has built its reputation on boasting big performance gains out of gorgeously engineered carbon fiber induction equipment and living up to them every time. Their background in Aeronautics and tuning have paid dividends—Eventuri has set a new benchmark in their segment and continuously leverages new technologies and rigorous testing to push the envelope. After building a strong foundation within the intake sub-genre, they’ve added engine bay styling into their rapidly expanding repertoire. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we’re back at our usual stomping ground, R/T Tuning, in Montgomeryville, PA.


By every measurable account, the S65 engine is a masterpiece. Indeed, its full-bodied V8 chorale deserves to be experienced and Eventuri’s carbon fiber plenum (EVE-E9X-CFM-PLM) allows us to do just that. Made from 100% high-grade pre-preg carbon fiber (including the internal trumpets), this plenum is a direct replacement for the stock plastic version. Unlike the rest of Eventuri’s proud product suite, the plenum doesn’t offer additional performance. Instead, the upgrade is both aural and visual: in action, the E92 takes on a CSL-like demeanor; while parked, the plenum’s craftsmanship and attention to detail continue to demand attention.

We fitted the stealthier, matte version to our car. To us, it feels a bit more OEM+ which jives with our overall build theme and matches the carbon leather-clad interior.


You didn’t think we’d just stop at the plenum, right? Eventuri’s carbon fiber intake (EVE-E9X-CFM-INT) gives you the performance bump often expected from the UK-based outfit. Despite the E9X M3’s naturally aspirated underpinnings, this claim is no different: up to 10 extra horsepower and 12 valuable ft-lbs of torque are on tap just from fitting this cleverly optimized piece of kit. This gain is a result of brilliant engineering wherein airflow from the air feed upward through the plenum is fine-tuned. A carbon scoop drives a larger volume of air toward Eventuri’s bespoke filter, while the internal flow path has been smoothed to reduce turbulence.

Eventuri’s matching carbon fiber airbox lid (EVE-E9X-CFM-ARB) adopts a similar philosophy to the plenum. It’s all OEM in shape and size, but thanks to its thinner (yet stronger) carbon fiber construction, more sound is allowed to penetrate the cabin for more theatrics.


This carbon fiber duct kit (EVE-E9X-CFM-DCT) is the proverbial cherry on top of our Eventuri finishing touches. The ducts are a relatively new offering from Eventuri; like the airbox lid, each of the two duct sections is a direct replacement for the OEM plastic. To call them “merely” styling add-ons would be a disservice — seeing them installed ties the entire Eventuri E9X M3 product suite together handsomely — and it’s a bit odd to imagine the bay without the ducts now.

Just like the rest of Eventuri’s E9X M3 program, these ducts are available in both gloss and matte finishes to suit your style. Pro tip: if you’re looking for the latter, make sure you add the “M” after “CF” in each part number.


Similar to our previous chapter where we focused on several interior enhancements, the Eventuri suite installs with predictable ease since dimensionally, each carbon fiber component is identical to OEM, even down to the factory mounting points. A few extra ticks of time were devoted to ensuring the silicone hose coupler was properly seated against the plenum and that the debris shield was adequately oriented (downward) within the factory airbox base. Some care should be taken to ensure you install the carbon inlet scoop beneath the OEM temperature sensor in the bumper opening.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our E92 M3 project car puzzle. It’s a big one!