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Dai Yoshihara’s TC America Debut with Pit+Paddock, ARP, and ENEOS
BY Mike Maravilla //
March 31, 2023
Photography courtesy of VGRT
  • Dai Yoshihara enters the TC America field with title support from Pit+Paddock, ARP, and ENEOS and supporting partners in Turn 14 Distribution, Powerstop, and MBRP.
  • Yoshihara makes his official race debut with the Victor Gonzalez Racing Team (VGRT) on Saturday, April 1st at Sonoma Raceway.
  • Dai’s campaign in TC America’s TCX class will see him battle with fellow Type R entrants and BMW M2 CS Cup cars.

Daijiro “Dai” Yoshihara’s first wheel-to-wheel racing effort in TC America has created a splash, not just from his participation, but with industry icons like Pit+Paddock, ARP, and ENEOS as proud, early supporters of his campaign.

Yoshihara will make his official race debut with the Florida-based Victor Gonzalez Racing Team (VGRT) at Sonoma Raceway on Saturday, April 1st. Pit+Paddock, ARP, and ENEOS represent a significant trio of title sponsors for Yoshihara’s SRO campaign while Turn 14 Distribution, PowerStop, and MBRP bolster this inaugural effort as supporting sponsors.

“I am so thankful to all of my sponsors and the Victor Gonzalez Racing Team for this opportunity. It feels good to be back in motorsport competition and driving a Civic Type R in the series is extra special as a Japanese driver.” – Dai Yoshihara

The pro athlete and motorsport star joins a cast of diversity with VGRT, who bring competitive Honda platforms to each of the three TC America classes: TCA, TC, and TCX. Ruben Iglesias Jr. represents the team in TCA, 2019 TC America TCR Champion, Michael Hurczyn in TC, and Dai Yoshihara in TCX, the series’ topmost tier.

Yoshihara’s Pit+Paddock, ARP, and ENEOS-backed homologated Type R will battle against seven TCX entrants: two teams utilizing the same Type R platform and five who steer BMW M2 CS Cup cars.

“We are happy to be a part of Dai’s initial foray into the SRO professional road racing series with our partners as we contend for a championship. The established team at VGRT has prepared a competitive package that will allow Dai to compete at a high level in each round.” – Daryl Sampson, Pit+Paddock Publisher





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