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Pit+Paddock Named the Official Marketing Agency of AST Suspension and MOTON Suspension Technology
BY Kyle Crawford //
July 28, 2023
Photography: Pit+Paddock
Additional Photography: Provided by AST Suspension
  • Pit+Paddock’s entry into the multi-media agency world has immediately impacted the automotive space, allowing our team to leverage its relationships and taste-making ability to create opportunities for our clients and enthusiasts alike.
  • AST Suspension is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of motorsport-grade springs, dampers, complete coilover systems, and other suspension-related accessories.
  • MOTON Suspension Technology operates underneath the AST Suspension umbrella and is a trusted supplier for winning professional racing teams across FIA GT, FIA WTCC, Grand-Am, and World Challenge series.
  • As the agency for both brands, Pit+Paddock will enhance the brands’ overall penetration into the North American market through new, exciting, and meaningful programs.

Pit+Paddock continues its upward trajectory within the automotive space as the official marketing agency for the performance suspension manufacturers AST Suspension and MOTON Suspension Technology. By officially establishing a working relationship with Pit+Paddock, AST Suspension and MOTON Suspension Technology significantly widen their marketing potential, both in scope and reach. The announcement enables both suspension manufacturers to enhance their growth within the automotive aftermarket industry.

AST Suspension was established in 2000 with motorsport icon, Piet Kreeft, at the helm. From the start, Kreeft injected decades of knowledge and varied experience with Formula 1, IndyCar, and motocross. As a result, AST Suspension quickly gained attention for its unparalleled quality and unique ability to adapt to the demands of the highest levels of motorsports. In 2010, AST Suspension became the supplier of the Grand-Am racing series and acquired MOTON Suspension Technology in 2011.

MOTON Suspension Technology’s philosophy and mission are closely aligned with AST Suspension, manufacturing a range of quality components that incorporate industry-leading technology. This combined effort pushes both companies forward as the trusted suppliers for winning professional racing teams across FIA GT, FIA WTCC, Grand-Am, and World Challenge series. Today, AST Suspension and MOTON Suspension Technology continue to produce state-of-the-art suspension systems for top-tier motorsports that are not only accessible to but easy to use by grassroots enthusiasts.

“AST Suspension and MOTON Suspension Technology offer innovative products at the forefront of their industry, which aligns with the very ethos of Pit+Paddock. Since the AST Suspension and MOTON Suspension Technology brands are headquartered and manufactured in the Netherlands, Pit+Paddock will enhance the brands’ penetration in North America through new and exciting programs using its intimate understanding of the market and its key players.” – Daryl Sampson, Pit+Paddock Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

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